Mystical Mind February 2017 (Cupid Cookies)

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February is all about romance and love. With this thought in mind, this article will be on creating Cupid cookies to enhance your relationship. For those without a partner, the cookies can be used to create the opportunity to find that special someone.


Shake off the excess of the world at large. Take a soothing love bath using aromatherapy bath salts, mist with comfort or love oil, or burn an incense that makes you feel alive and wonderful. When you have scattered all unwanted thoughts to the wind and feel focused and nurtured you are ready to set the tone in your environment.


Before you become Cupid and make your love messages it is important to create a space for love energy and focus. You should put on inspiring love themed music, burn a romantic love scent such as Aphrodite or mist with love oil. Light pink and red candles. If you are alone write on a parchment a list of seven characteristics you wish to find in your significant other. Tack it up where you will be able to focus on it while you bake. If you are with someone, focus  on the positive aspects of your relationship. If you have a picture of a particularly good time, place it where it can be seen while you are baking.


There is nothing better than taking the energy you are working with for love an putting it into the food you are making for someone you love. For those who are alone, focus on the  personality you would like to find. You will need your favorite rolled cookie recipe or you can purchase pre made sugar or ginger cookie dough. Rework the dough, roll it out, and cut out heart shapes using a cookie cutter. Prepare the cookie pans as directed and place each cookie on the pan. On each heart draw one symbol from the love message list below. As you draw the symbol focus on the meaning. You can duplicate the symbols but they should be even in number. For example, if you have two lips you need to have two of all the other symbols. Bake cookies according to recipe and cool. Place all cookies in a love themed cookie jar or a drawstring bag. For those with a significant other you can each select a cookie a day or work your way through a whole batch, it’s up to you. For those who are single, select one heart a day and follow the message of the symbol you select. For example if you pick the lips and you are single, it would indicate that you need to talk to someone new. For those in a relationship, follow the love themed suggestion for the symbol. For example if you picked the lips you could experiment with a new kissing technique or just kiss more frequently throughout the day. Be creative and have fun!


RING –  immerse yourself in a love environment, scent, color, & sound. If involved, create a romantic environment for your partner.

HEART – Share something about yourself that others wouldn’t know or share one of your wishes or desires.

LIPS – Kissing (if involved) or Talk to with someone new (if single).

SUN- Do an outdoor activity.

MOON-Be creative. If single, make something and share it with the world or at least a new group or person. If involved, create something special, perhaps a home cooked dinner or handwritten love poem?

ARROW- Do the unexpected. You need to break the mold.

CAR – road trip, discover a new place (if single) or revisit a memorable place (if involved)

RAIN DROP – Release something that no longer serves you (idea, habit, item).

Enjoy spreading love and being your own personal cupid! Have fun and for those who are alone allow it to present opportunities to meet that special someone. For those who have someone, let it ignite your passion and deepen your loving relationship.


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