Horoscopes February 2017

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March 21/April 20

Go deep within the recesses of your earliest memories to find your way to moving forward to a bright and joyous future.  Great things are anxiously awaiting you with the assistance of Venus.


April 21/May 21

Confusion regarding your career must be dealt with ever so gently.  Don’t make any hasty decisions that could cost you dearly down the road. Know who your friends really are.


May22/June 21

You are flying so high that your feet are barely touching the earth.  Expect positive results regarding a legal issue. Remember you are the one that is right.


June 22/July 22

Money matters demand your attention at this time.  Double check your partner’s finances to avoid any misunderstandings.  Watch…. don’t put your foot in your mouth.


July 23/August 23

Hearts and flowers are the ticket to a passionate interlude with your lover. The time has finally come especially after the Lunar Eclipse on February 10.  Now, go for the gusto!


August 24/September 22

A holistic approach regarding health matters may bring new enlightenments. Be sure to bring in healthy diet and exercise for great results. Positive changes are coming regarding partners.


September 23/October 23

Short trips bring much abundance your way.  Open your heart and eyes for a new and fascinating individual to cross your path. He/she brings the excitement of amore`.


October 24/November 22

Home improvements bring value and beauty to your abode.  Invite friends over for a party.  Expect financial insight from an unlikely source.


November 23/December 21

What was so crucial to your well being at this time, will become incidental by next month.  Just hang-in there and enjoy the ride called “life”.


December 22/January 20

A hot tip gets you on a lucky roll.  Listening to a family member’s advice can point you in the right direction.  Show some concern and it will be reciprocated.


January 21/February 18

Happy Birthday, Aquarius!  It is your month to shine!  Great new beginnings are starting as we speak. A new and improved you in every way.  Go for it!


February 19/March 20

Money becomes less and less of an issue.  You are in a review phase of your life and finding a deep understanding of where you need changes to occur for maximization especially at the time of the Pisces Solar Eclipse on February 26.



Happy Birthday, Aquarius! Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac with the planet Uranus, which represents major change and inventions, as its ruler.  The bright, light color of electric blue is associated with the sign of Aquarius.  Aquarians are truthful, radical, aloof, intuitive, inventive, natural born leaders and look at the bigger picture.


On February 10 we will be experiencing a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Leo.  At the same time there is a yod pattern aspect in the universe which is considered the Finger of God. It is a feeling of being pushed in a certain direction by an invisible force  (God) in which the end result is our fate.  Regardless of whether we feel prepared or not we may feel put on the spot to perform.  With the aspects of lucky Jupiter we will amaze ourselves because this is our chance to SHINE!
At the time of the Pisces Solar Eclipse on February 26, besides the Sun and the Moon in conjunction in the zodiac sign Pisces, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron, Pallas and the South Node of the Moon will all be aligned in the sign of Pisces. At this time we are highly receptive to subliminal messages from our higher self. It is a time where we can envision alternate realities. By employing the universal law of attraction we can manifest what is needed into being.


This gives us the opportunity to finally, once and for all, slay the beast that has been haunting our peace and bliss.


To quote Albert Einstein:  “Outer changes always begin with an inner change of attitude.”


Since February is the month that we celebrate our love for one another, why not attract more love to yourself through some subtle metaphysics, such as wearing pink to attract love or red to attract passion?  Wearing rose quartz jewelry is an excellent way to draw love into your life. We have a beautiful assortment at Hope Hypnosis & Holistic Center LLC, 465 Rt 9, Waretown, NJ

Wishing you all a Happy and Loving Valentine’s Day!

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