Ask Kasandra February 2017

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Dear Kasandra,

Will there be a solar shift and destruction to the United States due to the Planet X aka Nibiru in the next few years. Possibly 2023?

Dear D. K.,

There has been much written about Nibiru..”  In the January 19, 2016 article in The Astronomical Journal it talks about evidence of another large planet in our solar system in the Kuiper Belt beyond Jupiter.  According to the director of planetary science at NASA, there is a possibility of another large planet in our solar system but, “there is nothing out there like Nibiru.” There have been many theories and interpretations of ancient philosopher’s and seer’s works, who have given mention to a planet that will collide with the earth and destroy  two thirds or more of it.  I can personally remember back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, in New York City, the men who would stand on their small wooden boxes shouting that the end of the world was near. They went on to say it would be destroyed by a meteor or planet crashing into the earth.

In more recent writing it has been stated that  May of 2003 and on December 2015, Nibiru was to crash into the world. The Mayan calendar ended in the year 2012 and, once again, it was to be the end of the world. Some believe February 25, 2017 is when it will hit. Most of the current predictions, by those who believe there is a Planet Nibiru, feel it will strike the world in 2023.

I don’t see or feel the destruction of the United States in the near future. I do see the discovery of two more significant planets. Communication with other realms will also be very likely. I feel by 2023 the world will be a very different place than we know it today.

On a personal note, it looks like this year is one where you will search for new and more fulfilling things on all levels. It feels like you will be on a quest for new experiences that will benefit you. These experiences will bring you many rewards in the distant future.This is a year of breakiing the mold. Find your own inner voice rather than following collective thought

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