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“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE….love is all we need.”  Those words from John Lennon’s song are oh so very true.  You can have money, fame, status in this world, but without love in

your life you never really feel complete; always feeling as though something else is missing.


With Valentine’s Day in February, it is an excellent time of the year to ask the Angels to bring beautiful love into your life. You can call upon the joyful little Cherubs to surround you and whisper in your ear, when they feel you should be observant to the love around you so that you can open your heart to it.


Archangel Chamuel is the Angel of Love.  Whether you are already in a relationship or wanting to draw love into your life, Chamuel will be more than happy to help.  Simply imagine a soft pink light surrounding you and in that pink light there is a pink mist of Divine love that you can breathe in that will enter your heart from your lungs and fill your heart with love.  When you are filled with love, you will attract love to you.  It is as simple as that.


You can also ask Archangel Chamuel to communicate with your loved one’s Guardian Angel so that he/she will know the love you feel.


In my thousands of readings and healing sessions, many times the issue has to due with love.  I call upon Archangel Chamuel to come and join us and to help heal the love issues in my client’s life.  I also suggest many times for my client to pick a rose quartz stone from our array of them at Hope Hypnosis & Holistic Center.  I tell them exactly what to do to empower the stone to work for them in order to draw the love into their life that they so desire.  I also enlighten them on many other techniques to help and through my readings, give them the exact timing for love to come and a description of who to expect.


Many Divine Blessings of Love & Light.

Mary Silvernail, ACI, RMT

© copyrite 2017 Mary Silvernail


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